• MysteryKing

    This blog post is for a some kind of "contest-suggestion board" mix for my upcoming Polandball game.

    Info on the polandball game here:,_2015)

    I need YOUR help. YES, YOU! Since i'm not much of a creative game thinker, i need your ideas. WHAT would be great in the game? The weekly winner will be posted in here and the idea will be in the game.

    Here's how i compile the "idea points"

    • Creativity - 25 points
    • Idea's Behavior in-game - 25 points
    • Effects in-game - 25 points
    • Overall weirdness or 25
    • Image/Concept Art - This isn't really counted in the final point scoring, BUT if you have an image or concept art of your idea, that's BONUS POINTS. Ranges from 5-20 points d…

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