Uraniumball is the 92nd element. They were discovered in 1789, in the metal Uraninite. They are very radioactive and are used in nuclear weapons and power-plants. They are also the heaviest naturally-occurring element on Earth. he is found in Alberta. During World War II and the cold war he was vital to the U.S. He was very involved in Ending World War II with the bomb on Japan. there is a ghost city in Northern Alberta/Northern Saskatchewan called Uranium City, He was very large and all of his success was because of Uraniumball, he had huge mines looking for the desired Uraniumball. But, after they mined all of it out the mines weren't successful and had to shut down, so then nobody had jobs so one by one people moved away until, he was very small and only a little bit of people still lived there. He is also involved in a joke on the internet called "Nobelium Uranium" because of his and Nobeliumball's Symbols it said "No u".